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Mother Mary Celine is a unique person in the history of the CMC: Cardinal George Alencherry

Speech by Cardinal George Alencherry at the conclusion of the Archeparchial phase of the canonization process of Servant of God Mother Mary Celine CMC

Dear Rev. Fathers, Sisters and my dear Brothers and Sisters,

I wish you all the blessings of the Feast of our Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel!

Today we are participating in a very important program in the process of the canonization of Servant of God Mother Mary Celine CMC. As you know it is the closing ceremony of the Archeparchial phase of the enquiry regarding the life and sanctity of Mother Mary Celine and the pastoral relevance of the cause.

Mother Mary Celine is a unique person in the history of the Congregation of Mount Carmel. She is the one who mediated for the unification of the Congregation and was its first Superior General. Her intense deep prayer life, spirit of sacrifice and foresight enabled Mother Mary Celine to overcome the difficulties and struggles of unification and the beginning of the Central House Generalate at Thaikattukara, Aluva. During her 11-year term as Superior General she was able to bring about a spirit of prayer and unity among the members. In 1974 she retired and entered into deep prayer life at Sanjoe Bhavan, Karukutty. She died on April 23, 1993.

Her deep interior life which reflected in her words and deeds led her through the paths of heroic sanctity. The Cause of the Beatification of Mary Celine Payyappilly was initiated on 9 April 2018 and she was declared as Servant of God on 9 April 2018.

Her witness of sanctity through prayer and service was well known even during her life time. 'Holy Trinity my Bliss' the motto which is inscribed on her tomb is depictive of her intimate relationship with the Triune God.

As the Charism of CMC defines it well Mother Celine was a semi contemplative and semi active in her religious commitment. Her figure is reminiscent of the St. Theresa of Avila who took the leadership of renovating the Congregation of Mount Carmel in Spain while living a life of deep contemplation and prayer. St. Elijah the prophet said: "Zelo zelatus sum pro Domino Deo exercituum" (I am burning within myself with the zeal for Lord God of hosts). This is the zeal that led also Mother Mary Celine in her life of Carmel in the bosom of the Church.

At the beginning of today's ceremony we prayed for the Grace of God. Let us continue to pray for the successful completion of this canonization process of Mother Mary Celine for the Glory of God and for the good of our Church. I take this occasion to thank all the office bearers of this Archeparchial phase of the canonization process of the Servant of God Mother Mary Celine CMC.

May God bless you all!

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